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Any modders?
Hello people,
Been toying with this idea for a long time.
I love squonking but I love mechanical series as well and I have yet to find a mod that is a mech series squonker.
Now I have been thinking about just building the dam thing myself but the way I would want to do it is taking a chunk of copper and machining the thing to the right dimensions then getting battery caps off something and using an FDV squonk 510.
Problem I encountered was this.... I don't have a mill or a lathe and I don't have anyone I know with the machines I would need.
So is there a modder on here who would take this on or does anyone have an idea who would take it on?
Cheers guys.
You could do it yourself with a drill and a file, just bore out most of the waste with the drill and then tidy up with a bastard file then tidy it up with a finer one and finish with sandpaper. It might take a while but copper is nice and soft and really does disappear fast with a chunky file. It's nigh on as easy as a hardwood. A dremel is cheap too and would help.
It might not turn out as nice as a mill/cnc but it'd have that undeniable feeling of "I made this!" and it's a pretty good feeling. I've nearly finished a single 18650 mech in sycamore and purpleheart and my first vape on it came with a damned big smile of satisfaction.

another possibility would be to find a triple 18650 mod that fits the bill and do a conversion?
I had originally decided to just do it myself but its the amount of time it would take, I work 50+ hours a week so I haven't got the time to do it. Your right copper is an amazing metal to work with always working with it at work.
The conversion idea had crossed my mind but my problem with it is again time and it wouldn't be what I want to use all day.
I hear that, sounds much like my summer season at work, come wintertime I have so many planned projects it's crazy and as always some never come close to fruition.

I'm not aware of modders that take on commission work so I'll wish you luck and when you manage to find someone I definitely look forward to seeing it posted up here!!
Been a while but I wanted to drop a new message here... It's happening, I have a 3D print of the body coming and the grade of copper I wanted all I need now is a new RDA

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