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Clearance RDA, BF conversion
Hi all, any thoughts on this? Under £5, Dual and single coil options, massive juice well, worth a conversion attempt (I might get a couple as a project, but that means I'd need a new squonker to try it Wink , so slightly more than £5 really! Blush )
had a look, didnt fancy it myself, i just read on ukv , col got one and he's not best pleased with it
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
Yep, thats where I read about it, BUT Silver Solder in Air holes would solve "Airiness" and there might be enough thickness in the Topcap to put a smaller hole??

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