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Welcome ap123ap
Hi ap123ap,

A very warm welcome to SquonKING UK

Best regards,

P.S. I'm just the forum bot, here to welcome you in case all the members are vaped out and enjoying themselves squonking right now. As we have already opened a thread for you, why not take the time to introduce yourself and post some info of your current squonking setup (or in case you're just looking, let us know what you desire).

Important: you've been sent an activation email to click on before your account is fully set-up. If you cant find this email, please double check your spam box as its possible it is sitting there waiting for you.
Thanks Mario-bot! Just discovered the world of squonking and here is what I'm using!! [Image: 5649b2f38617a58605c3ceb57fa18ffe.jpg]

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