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Whats the difference?
I'm looking at M-vapes site at the ss clapton coils.
There are 3 types. Clapton, twisted core claptons, and fused claptons.
What difference or advantage will it make if any?

Depending if they are kanthal or SS (stainless steel), kanthal will be higher resistance and take longer to ramp up/cool down, SS is lower resistance and ramps/cools quickler. Also in my opinion SS (and Ni80) gives a cleaner taste than kanthal. All can be used in regular power mode but SS has the advantage of being able to be used in TC if your mod supports the gradeof SS.

The twisted cores tend to take up a little more room on the build deck as opposed to regular fused claptons. Performance wise, theres not much between the two types.
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Thanks for that. All the ones I looked were s/s mainly for temp control.
I tend not to use kanthal any more as s/s seems to taste a bit cleaner.
I'll see whats in stock and grab a couple to try.


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