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Wire and Cable
What are the best gauges of wire and cable to use for mods?

I know silicone housed rc style cable is best but what is safe for high amp mods? I think it's 18awg for switches and 22awg for battery and 510 on a dna40.

As for wire, is twin and earth that we use in the house(think what your cooker is wired with) fine for a low build mech?
I generally use 20awg for my battery contacts and 24awg for mosfets on my semi mech mods. I don't vape at high power.
DNA boards give the wire spec for each board on their data sheets, I've used as big as 12awg for positive 510 connections on a DNA200.
22awg is quite thin and can only handle about 7-8amps safely.

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