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DIY 510 connectors
I'd like to know some thoughts on the different 510's available for

So I know of fdv v3-5 connectors,
V5(it's a shallow 510 but quality gear)
V3 bf core that uses the long pin through 510 method(is that right?)
V4 range, I like the look of the ultimate one so ordered one for a look.

I got a couple of Lost Vape ones today
They are really good quality and I've tried to break it with ridiculously long pinned attys(my stumpy's 5.1mm pin is a 510 killer, must be 4mods lying in its wake) and it didn't even flinch. Looks a tricky affair to wire tho.

I've seen some Italian(?) ones too, the name escapes me tho.

Are there others? What are folks mileage with these things?
the only ones I have had experience with are the fatdaddy ones, and they all leaked. I must be stupid. The italian ones (svapiamo I think) come across as the proper ones to get.

first Ive seen the lostvape ones, will have a sniff about and perhaps get a few, ta!
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Another thing that really kinda goes hand in hand with this is bottle connection methods.
The ones I've seen vary from the kanger style, the way I setup my flask is nearly a cartridge bottle with the long pin through 510 and then tube though lid is another.

This is a kinda sweeping question but what works best, but also what lasts over time?
I'm a massive fan of the smokeless owl connection method (aka terminator cheap plastic box). The 510 pin is about 1cm long, the tube goes over this. That assembly then goes through a pretty precise hole in the top( about the diameter of the tube itself, minus one hair), that pushes on the outside of the tube, clamping it onto the 510. Zero leaks.
The bottle cap is also purpose made,,same idea as a drilled cap but with perfectly smooth edges, and again the tubing barely can push into this. It just doesnt leak, ever.

It helps that the tubing is slightly "squidgy" (rubber-ish). Ive got utter confidence in this method.

Wait for others to chime in though...most of the stuff I won uses a method similar to this as described.

The one I least have faith in is the vaporshark flask metal pin..the tubing stays in the bottle and you push it over a metal pin fixed in the 510. It just never seems to inspire confidence, although it hasnt leaked (yet)

Other ones where the cap has been drilled relies heavily on how well the cap has been drilled, and how good the fitment of the cap to the bottle is. e.g. my reo clone leaks and needs an oring to help seal the cap to the bottle else it sucks in air /blows out air when squonking.
Again, Ive noticed the material they are made from matters too. Soft stuff (its it LDPE?) fairs better in the anti-leak world than HDPE. A little bit of squidgyness helps..
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

My Wraith use the bottle cap itself through the 510.
Hard plastic tube fitted inside the (10ml) bottle cap.

So I fitted the lost vape 510 in a cherry bomber this weekend(I'll post up a thread once the thing is finished, the door still needs cut). I quite like it, it was an easy install and all my attys fit well and flush. Definitely a must have part and I hope stealthvape get more in soon.

As for the bottles I really like the sound of the wraith method. I'm going to have to search around for an off the shelf system to repurpose to do that or somehow come up with something similar. Have a tube in every bottle and then take off the lid and insert. Definitely my favourite endgame as far as squonking goes as there'd be no mess.
I saw a bottle that fits onto a 510 on a European site somewhere. I thought it was a nice idea but possibly a bit messy.

Edit :- this ->
#7 the video for the supersoft and supersoft refill he makes mention that the bottles themselves can be used on the dripbox.
hmm..gonna have to investigate
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
(01-04-2017, 08:12 PM)vern Wrote: the video for the supersoft and supersoft refill he makes mention that the bottles themselves can be used on the dripbox.
hmm..gonna have to investigate

these bottles fit in the kangertech dripbox. 15 received today by me and tested ok

Its a slightly different fit, but it goes in and it squonks and the battery door fits back in place and you can see your bloody juice level for a change.

Fill your boots gents and ladies, before they go out of stock.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I've got 10 on the way. I'm more interested in the cap to see what other bottles it fits.

I think I've heard boiling some bottles softens them up but god knows what chemicals it'd release

As for 510s, does anyone have an alternative source of the lost vape ones? I could do with another couple to retrofit some old mods and stealthvape are out of stock

Edit :- Stealthvape are waiting on another batch being made

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