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whats in your hand
[Image: 7c4ec2386ba23720e9a96cfc1e9c3a81.jpg]

Opensource 18650 mushroom.
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santa better get me a 3dprinter, I'm itching.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
[Image: aac19079d8248607a451bc70dd73d4e9.jpg]

The copper internals are rough as hell, but it works. FDV is a bit leaky, I put that down to the positive connection being rough and not forming a decent seal.

I broke one 510 core, tightened it up and the nut came away from the pin.

[Image: 8b5785afa3710ddeb2566f1e16fea496.jpg]

Still needs the top magnet, and I will probably redo the copper to make things a bit neater.

[Image: 11cf9b793d9b28d03542dd7329d3cde5.jpg]
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DNA 40 box with a Hadaly on top.
[Image: File%2023-12-2016%2C%2016%2003%2018.jpeg]
[Image: 83cbe02d8d4cb681959ead7fa5bfc4b8.jpg]
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The Pindad by Bombertech on Therion by Lost Vape.
RDTA with a 2 ml tank and a squonking pin.
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[Image: File%2026-02-2017%2C%2000%2047%2023.jpeg]

My current work in progress, just couldn't wait to try it out 
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NoToy clone (more like NoLeak, it's amazing).

[Image: 0m7wdJY.gif]

Shame they discontinued it.
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
Tango squonker dna75
[Image: 0aec2ba4f0d51e668b67e7d4688281fb.jpg]
[Image: 4cd8eaa31c2de6d1fa3975a95d568d0d.jpg]

sent from ma fone wiv ma fingaz
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