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Haderley RDA
Anyone got any Feedback on the Haderley RDA? I've watched a couple of reviews online, but apart from the possibility of Over Squonk are there any longer term issues coming up yet?
Nice they give the Squonk pin as part of the kit, and don't make it an extra option to buy.
I do like the way the Coil is held into the Deck, very clever little idea (and a lot of carpet combing if a clamp dislocates!!) but it looks tidy overall and both Reviewers, Todd and Suck my Mod, were very impressed with the Flavour profiles.
I Squonk around 0.8 oHm ideally (don't always manage it exactly!) and go from 15watts to the heady heights of 22 watts.
I mistakenly went up to 30watts once!
Not since though
I have one and love it, flavour is excellent. You're not going to get any monster coils in there but I've found I do not need them. Not squonked it as yet but from those I have spoken to that have as long as you squonk respectfully all is good!

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