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Mushroom Mod
The latest batches of the Mushroom mod are available here for 110Euros (includes tax and shipping)
The mushroom mod is/was a 3d printed mechanical squonk mod.

Quote:But Mushroom Mod has come to an end....
Decisions had to be taken. Florian and me aligned and so we agreed to stop designing and producing new mods.
Beside family and job, it is hard to find time without neglecting one or the other.
Both of us got new opportunities to work and focus on.

Quote:The Mod itself:
We will release the Mushroom Mod 3D Files to OPEN SOURCE (GNU/GPL).
It will be uploaded soon and will be available for FREE.
So everyone can download, print and build the Mod in DIY.
Both types 18650 and 26650. More Details will follow soon.

Support and spares will continue from
i saw a facebook post yesterday on a vape group where the guy was printing a squonker (not this one), but selling around the £100 mark.

the bottle was the chinese soy sauce one (100 bottles for £4)

thats all I'm saying.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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