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Eleaf Pico Squeeze - my thoughts
Hello folks

I said earlier on that I would put up my thoughts on the Eleaf Pico Squeeze, so here we are. Get yourself comfy and let's begin.

I've had the mod now, for a couple of weeks, and i must say I've thoroughly enjoyed it. So far I've used it with a Hastur V2S, a mini velocity (clone) and a mini freakshow, and have been happy. When you first look at it, in pictures, it does remind you heavily of a Kanger dripbox, and yes it is very similair though not so tall.

In no particular order I'll give you thoughts on each part.

Coral RDA. Took it out of box, looked at it, thought 'nah, that's not for me', put it to one side and forgot about it.

510. What made me choose the squeeze above the drippy, was the advertised sprung loaded 510, looking at it, and prodding it, I can't honestly say that it is or isn't, but I will say that I haven't had a prob with RDAs so far, all fitting flush to the mod.

Finish. Another reason I chose the eleaf. Kanger's are known for their self removing paint jobs, so far, even though I've used and travelled with my Squeeze I've had no issues.

Button. Too small in my opinion, and doesnt protrude enough to be obvious when firing without looking.

Juice bottle. Soft and easily squueezed. I do question how long it will last though, but I'm sure these pages will come up with suiable replacements. Capacity is ok.

Battery compartment. Lovely nice threads on the cap, easy to change battery. But coming from the coppervape you do tend to press it to try and fire the mod.

Warning/batterty level lights. To me pointless. I'm not going to remember what each flash means, and I know from the vapour if my battery is getting low.

Juice bottle compartment cap. Like kanger's, this one has very strong magnet.

Overall it's a lovely machine, it delivers power just as you would expect it, if you like unregulated, you want a tiny, pocket friendly squonker, you'll be fine. Is it the greatest, probably not. Is it better than the Dripbox, dunno not had a drippy. Is it cheap, OH YESH!

If it's your type of mod I'd say buy it.

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Carry On Squonking
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The months have past, and yes I'm still loving my Pico Squeeze, so much so I've ordered another (to take the place of my coppervape, now retired cause it's fine when it's working, but.......).

Not a fault so far not a hiccup, just does it every time, A 0.6 ohm SS coil in my Narda clone and I'm just fine. For some strange reason the battery seems to work longer on this device, compared to others with same setup.

If you like the idea of it, and your wondering I say definitely go for it. Just don't blame me if you don't like it, it's just my opinion, and I'm an idiot!
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Had mine for a few weeks and must say, i'm impressed! [Image: b3b492d40d975fbb703a4b84e446de1c.jpg]

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Had mine only a week but already a fanboy! Another ordered from FT (CNY 15% off...again!) which is the 1st time that I've ever bought a duplicate/back up of a mod already owned....
Atop is an FT 'Little 16' using 2 x 0.75ohm S/S coils & mesh wicks.
Oh, had to laugh in the OP Re. coming from the Coppervape & pressing the battery cap to fire up!....EXACTLY!! I went one better & actually took the battery out 1st time to check it was right way round!! Doh!
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Hi I have been using it since november. Yesterday I received the Hastur V2S as you described in the first post. It seems that the RDA had the pin too short; I guess you didnt have the same problem but being new in the vape world I would like to give a goo and see if you have any suggestion. Thanks
(01-27-2017, 11:17 PM)ituk78 Wrote: Hi I have been using it since november. Yesterday I received the Hastur V2S as you described in the first post. It seems that the RDA had the pin too short; I guess you didnt have the same problem but being new in the vape world I would like to give a goo and see if you have any suggestion. Thanks

Hi ituk78

I have A Hastur V2S, and have just checked it on my Squeeze, and all seems fine. So my conclusion is that when the squuezes are put together there is some slight variation in the height of the central pin. I should have my second squeeze arriving very shortly, and report back if I notice any difference.

The only thing I can think of, at the moment, is to get a longer pin for the hastur. I have some Fat Daddy Vapes squonking pins somewhere. I'll see if they fit nicely, and if they do then I'll give you details.

I'll report back later.
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Great. Thanks
(01-28-2017, 01:15 PM)ituk78 Wrote: Great. Thanks

Not good news I'm afraid. I was trying these pins and they don't seem to fit. The head of the pin seems too large to fit inside the insulator, inside the 510.

I wonder if anyone else, on this forum can think of a solution?
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Here's my mileage for 510 screws.

Fasttech have gold plated ones that are m2.5 I think though they are rather short so limited in what they fit.
just a generic "opening my mouth moment"

dont have a hastur, dont have a squeeze, however looking at the pictures of the hastur here the bf pin just screws in from the bottom like everything else traditionally does. Thinking out loud, any tiny o'ring fitted over the pin before screwing it in tight will space the pin out lower and still provide a leak-free seal, making it stand prouder by a few tenths. I'd even go so far as to say you could stick anything non-conductive in there (e.g. wind some cotton over the screw head/shank section) before fitting.

Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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