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FatDaddy Vapes v4 bottom feeder new version+squonk kit
saw this last night
[Image: 291-3-800x800.jpg]

looks to be redeisgned (there is a long and a short version) as it now has a long section for your pipe to go onto as well as a brass collar to solder the positive connection to.
Much better idea than the previous one.

They also have a "kit" of sorts....some tubing, stainless steel piping and such which should be enough to make 3 bottles out of (bottles not supplied)
[Image: 303-2-800x800.jpg]
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
The v4 in the name is a bit misleading IMO. These have a fixed 22mm attie base around the 510, in case it matters to anyone's plans. No idea why the design isn't the same as the v4 with the changeable rings, doesn't seem to be any need.

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