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Thanks for not being bloated
Just a quick post of appreciation for keeping the forum software simple and bloat free. It's nice to click refresh, or open a thread and having it open instantly. I'm reminded every time I refresh here and on POTV squonk forum, I click refresh over there, swap tabs, refresh here and I can check this forum before POTV has stopped loading. Cheers to simplicity.
my pleasure, although they do have many..many...many..many more members active at any time, I do try keep it to the point...more web 1.0 than web 2.0

I think they moved forum s/w in recent-ish experience with their new software (on another forum elsewhere) was one of high load times. I havent been there lately, the last was about 2 months ago and it did come across as a bit much, especially when I switched off my adblocker. Anyway, each to their own, thanks for the appreciation
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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