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Filling up?
When filling up do you unscrew the bottle from the cap? Or do you pull the tube off of the 510 connector?

depends depends depends.

e.g. kangxin inoy.: pull bottle and cap and tube off 510 (all as one tube off with thumb while pulling on bottle)), unscrew cap, fill up (not 100% when you put the tube back into bottle this will take up space too).... , put cap back on, adjust tube so about 1cm stands proud, (and make sure bottom of tube is near bottom of bottle, but not touching), slide back onto 510 (a small wiggle and it'll go back on no problem)
reo: tilt bottle out, undo cap, fill bottle, screw bottle back onto cap (same for KUI mod)

p.s. The inoy you bought off me had a spare'll find the tube is too long as standard and requires trimming to size.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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Thanks Vern, I made a right mess unscrewing the bottle. Big Grin
That's probably the one thing right about the dripbox. It is
so easy to fill.


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