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people *sigh*
got an unneeded couch, phone council to arrange a bulky waste collection..they say in 3 weeks time put it by the side of the road before 7am, the day after rubbish collection day.

put item out at 7am on the day indicated....come back from work couch gone

problem solved?

no. because today, 3 f*kin weeks later, the couch pitches up again. Like mother-fucking Houdini.

so we can deduce as follows:
1) when I came home from work and saw the couch gone I mentally congratulated the council...but alas, it was a thieving toe-rag of a (near)-neighbour who like the look of the thing and half-inched it.
2) he/she didnt like the way it shags or summink and has now gone and *fly-tipped* it outside my spot.

fuck me. seriously, fuck me. You try do something right in this world and this fucking happens.

Really dont know now if I am liable, or should I put the details on the councils fly-tipping section so they can come collect

I'm secretly hoping a less-fussy toerag pinches it tonight while I sleep.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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