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Council of Vapor Wraith
Vern, are you still looking for one?

according to vapingwithvic tonight, the wraith is being re-released next week - it has been put back into production..
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Has anyone seen a tear down of the wraith? Mines working fine and is my daily work mod so don’t really want to open it up for curiosity sake alone.

Also is there any news on a re-release or updated mod? I really wouldn’t mind a second one to be honest.
Ive got my hands on one form wobbly (thanks!) and it does seem the secret to getting it open involves this may be a case of destroying it to find out.

I'm a bit loathe to do that, but will check it over in more detail sometime as its possible I'm mistaken
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
If it’s glued then don’t do it. It’s too good a mod to lose that way!

Edit: I ran out of willpower and opened it up. Two screws on the bottom, the plate comes away and there is the usual bottle/battery/chip sled in black plastic. It’s really well fitted and put together, best I’ve seen yet tho I’ve only gutted a few(rx200s, flask, banshee, subox mini and couple of super nasty clones) and the detail is far superior even down to an internal spring in the fire button and it’s the bit that’s glued.

In short open it up and it’ll go right back, no glues or adhesives unless ya strip down for painting.

Now I must replicate the bottle sealing mechanism for a dual 18650 mod as it’s the bit I wanted to see.

If anyone wants pictures let me know and I’ll do something on the weekend.

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