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Kanga DripBox 160w and Dripbox coils and batterys
Hello all,

I found on google. when looking for more squonking RDA's.

I have a Dripbox 160 and the mrs has a standard dripbox.

I have to say I love them....

BUT I do find the air holes on both are in the wrong place. They are to high up and because of that you have problems getting flavor.

I found that the dripbox 60w had some big limitations when it came to coils.

After making shed loads of coils I found one that works well in both.

Taking some SS316L Flat 26g and twisting the single wire then wraping on a 3mm bit 5 times I could put 2 coils in the dripbox both coils come out at 0.21 ohms. They heat up real fast and give better flavor than clapton coils. Pulling them as close to the air holes as I can without them touching the chuff cap. Close the chuff cap half way and it works like a dream.
So good that I put the same coils in the 160w mod.

On to batterys.... A 18650 full will be 4.2v and flat should be 3.2v But I find that the dripbox 160 shows as flat when the batterys hit 3.5v That is still a good way off being flat. Yes in terms of how long the battery will last over its life it will last longer but for the cost I want it to drain down to 3.2v. My showwolf takes them down to 3.2 and my RX200 takes them down to 3.2v I have to wonder why kanga did not let it discharge to this voltage.

Any thoughts?
it will probably be down to voltage under load ,and not voltage at idle ,when under load ,the batteries may well be taking a pounding and being driven well below safe cutoff limits .

or it may well be down to the chip ,either way ,changing at 3.5-3.6v shouldn't be a big deal ,especially if using low resistance coils
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
Yeah I know about sag and all that Big Grin but the coils I have in as listed above dont even pull 40w Pull 13A so I would have to go with chip side because the stock clapt coils to make the same vape needed to be up at 140w. The batts was still 3.5 when put in charger so I have to say its the chip side. Shame because that .3v makes me have to change out the batts sooner than I would like lol.

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