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first attempt
[img][Image: iwt1kjporoilmf0su3tl_thumb.jpg]http://[/img][img][Image: ytyvnacopy2fnouz714m_thumb.jpg]http://[/img][img][Image: 7hgafjs9jeygope9axni_thumb.jpg][/img]

ok so this is my first attempt in making a home made mod so go easy on me
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looks fine mate,as long as it works how you want it to ,then its a success,i always get great pleasure in using a mod i have made
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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as charlie said, make it yourself and you'll be happy. How are you finding the fat daddy bottle? I bought a few and didnt really shine to them.

My only suggestion would be (at some point, if needed) swop out your switch for a mosfet driven doodah if you start finding the firing isnt consistent. Apart from that, you've just made the greatest invention of *your* lifetime. Congrats!
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
cant wait to make the next one love it loads ive bought temp control stuff thats cost a small fortune this thing cost me just over £20 its ace and as you say its mine a one off its got a nchannel mosfet you just cant see it for the heat shrink
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