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coming Soon......
Looks good. Any reason for a 6.5ml bottle? Why not standard 10ml bottle?

yes, the mod is too small for a 10ml bottle, the bottom of the fdv connector is already touching the top of the 6.5ml bottle, I have gone for mod size rather than capacity. plus I don't have access to similar quality 10ml bottles. Do you think it''ll make a big difference?
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Would a square bottle up the capacity a bit.... just got to find a squishy one Smile
its so small and cute!!!!!
(she said..,,) :-)
what price range are you aiming for?
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Obviously smaller than I thought it was. 6.5ml bottle make sense now.

My bad, it's actually a 8.5ml bottle, I've updated the fb page, it should work out at £75 upwards to about £150 depending upon spec, I'm planning on doing them to order with about a 2 week lead time, and a whole range of options in build materials which alters the price quite a bit. I'm happy with the carbon abs material and am waiting on an updated design in Pla to check.

Never too much of the shiny stuff

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