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And for my next trick....
Full mech 18650 Squonker
[Image: oM3H72f.jpg][Image: NIlTEA3.jpg]
[Image: avUKS5e.jpg][Image: GidDJGE.jpg]
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Very nice! So the battery is positive end down? does the switch rely on the copper bar to return it after pushing? And also, id that a rogue you have on top?

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Yep, battery +ve down, and it's brass strip so it has a good resistance to the push and comes back beautifully, I was going to use stainless steel but figured brass was easier to work with initially.
And it's a Hellfire Predator on top.

Never too much of the shiny stuff
i've seen that bottle with metal lid combo before....anybody got linkage to it? how much etc..

p.s. love the mod. truly.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
From Reo mods, 6.5ml, 6 dollars. Stateside

Never too much of the shiny stuff

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