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Noob question about the fat daddy v5
My wife's Steam Crave squonker is leaking from the 510. Although I've never done that before, in an overconfident mood I offered her to replace the 510 connector with a fat daddy v5.

Could someone please explain how to connect the small brass piece with the positive wire to the shaft? Can/should that be soldered or is it kept in place by the tube you slide over it?
I solder it using very strong flux (which needs to be thoroughly washed off). The solder won't take to the stainless steel without a strong flux.

Definitely worth getting others opinions though.
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
solder the wire to the small brass piece, then I took a pair of needle nose pliers and gently squeezed the brass legs together (only a very very small amount) until it was difficult to slide it over the stainless steel pipe (test fit...bend...test fit...stop when it is really difficult). The I slid it over the pipe.

You can also slide it over the pipe as normal, and once in place try to bend the legs together (again, using a needle nose plier), this will prevent it from sliding up and down on the pipe.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
On all of my builds using FDV connectors l use small block connectors.
I strip the plastic and cut the brass connector in half. Then I solder the pos wire to it and then cover it with heat shrink.
The small block connectors I use are the same size as the FDV brass piece and are easily removed.
In tight builds, I cut the screw down to a minimum.
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Thanks for the advice guys! I fixed the new 510, but it is leaking like a sieve on the bottom between the pipe and the ceramic insulator. Am I doing something wrong?

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