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Origen 16 build suggestions
I am a big fan of the products of Norbert, and own a Origen v2 dripper, a v3 squonker and a v3 Mk2 genesis. I love all three and hardly use anything else anymore, so I thought it was a good idea to buy a Origen 16 with a squonking pin.

So far, I am seriously disappointed. Vapor production is mwah and very hot, the taste is awful, it whistles… It does not even come close to my beloved v2 or v3.

I put the same build in it as I always use in both my v2 and v3 (1.2 ohm, 2mm), first diagonal, later on the side. I put the coil closer to the air hole, closer to the center, higher, lower... Can't say it makes any  difference, really.

So, I will have to experiment with other builds, because I refuse to believe yet that it can't get any better.

Does any of you have a suggestion in what direction I should look? A favorite build for this little guy?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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