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I couldn't wait so i built one myself
So, just got into squonking and i really enjoy my dna200 mods but nobody seemed to be making a dna200 squonker, so I thought I'd knock one up myself, what do you reckon?

[Image: 4H7FLc9.jpg]
[Image: faIrZN2.jpg]
[Image: UYtZW8T.jpg]
[Image: lT9fwKV.jpg][Image: WvuovXw.jpg]
[Image: hXVJ8Fj.jpg]
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I love the rustic look. really very well done there sir!
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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Looks good, i may have to try and make one myself, I did make a DNA200 mod last year and i think this could be my next project as i have a spare DNA200 board kicking about .

I would love to make one from a stab wood block, but only have basic hand tools (Dremel etc) Even getting the lid cut from the block creates immediate issues,
Looks great Smile nice size and build.
I've built a DNA75 squonker with removable 18650 but haven't built a DNA200 squonker mainly because I never vape above 25 watts.

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