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160w TC Dual Battery Kanger Dripbox

alas, it seems they lost the plot compared to the original. (personal opinion only, device may well be fantastic)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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Looks a bit chunky!
Well after getting the dripbox and thoroughly enjoying it, I will deffo be getting one of these when funds allow! Finally, affordable, high power, (semi)regulated squonking is among us!!
Yeah it looks big but once you get the thing into your hand it really doesn't feel that big, the shop I work in has just got them in isn't the best price in the world (£65 inc 2xLG HE4's) haven't got it on the website which I will link to here:
Size wise its VERY similar to the Wismec Reulaux, power wise its not a scratch on it but it is only a dual 18650 compared to the triple 18650 Wismec.
Mr. Busardo has put a review up for it and it gets a decent grilling and comes out with a fairly positive review.

The original dripbox is nothing compared to this, size wise its bigger and heavier but it has a hell of a lot more power and it is a whole hell of a lot easier to squonk with if you are using the included RDA. the mouth-to-lung option is awful way to airy IMO for a solid MTL vape and the airflow is pretty awful for it, not lined up correctly and not positioned right but if you prefer lung hitting its not to bad would defiantly recommend going for something other then the included RDA though.

Anyway what am driving at is this, I have one and I love thing thing. I enjoy vaping at a high wattage with a higher resistance build (dam the noisy cricket) and it feels like the regulation works well and the bottles are nice and soft and the device its self feels decent in the hand so really for the money its pretty dam good even if you have an SVap or Reo and want something as a beater device for when your out and about or in work, battery life is good I got around 5 hours at 110watts on a 0.4 ohm dual coil.

All in, grab one they are worth the £45-£55 in the UK a quick Google will turn up plenty of places with them.

Anyone has any questions give me a shout.
You will find me in a cloud!
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I just got one of these. I've been looking for an affordable regulated, dual battery squonker for ages and the diamond shape seems to me to me the best way to achieve it, so I am definitely pre-disposed to love this thing.

The form factor is great. It's heavy but it doesn't feel big at all. It's no bigger than a can of Red Bull, just a bit more ovoid and angular.

The bottle is gloriously easy to fill and replace. The kit comes with a second bottle and a stopper cap. The bottles are nice and squidgy. The smokiness makes it a little difficult to check juice levels in poor light. I wouldn't mind a hinge on the magnetic flap under the bottle as it would be easy to lose, but it doesn't matter anyway. I lost mine for a few hours and it made no difference whatsoever.

The dripper it comes with is pretty poor. I haven't experimented with it yet but I'd build the coils high so that they're sitting above the top of the posts. That should improve the flavour in that vast chamber and also make sure that the very high air slots aren't missing the coils.

The chip works as it should. I've been using some NiFe30 from StealthVape which has a TCR of 0.005 so 350F on the Ni setting is about right to achieve 420F in practice. I use NiFe coils in non-TC mode also; it gives you a faster ramp up time but you need to aim for about twice as much power (based on resistance at room temperature) as you actually want it to achieve at vaping temperature. I can't decide which mode I prefer, they both work really well.

This is close to perfect for me. I like a mod that can sustain 80w all day without a battery change so this is the first time I've been able to squonk as I wish to vape without rigging up some monstrous contraption. Much win. And really good to see Kanger bringing squonking to the masses.
thanks for that indepth mini-review jobo. !
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I have been using a clone Velocity on mine for 3 days. The supplied RDA stayed in the box. I can't get over how good TC-SUS is. I was expecting to use it in VW mode but out of curiosity set it to TC-SUS, set the temperature and perfection.
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