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Svapiamo Evic VT squonker or Steamcrave squonker?
Hello guys,
Been looking into these two devices and would like to get some opinions on them, so whats the better device in your opinion?
Svapiamo Evic VT squonker or the steamcrave squonker?
Cheers guys
i only have mech svaps ,love them

steamcrave is decent in wattage mode,goes arse over tit if you use it in temp mode ,has a flaw or 2 ,its also quite a heavy box too
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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Weight doesn't bother me and temp control is worse than EFEST batteries to me.... I hate EFEST batteries seeing as they lie through their teeth about the specs of their batteries.
Either way I will probably end up buying the svap but the guy who owns the shop I work in has a lad making mods for him so he's gonna get him to build me a series squonker, I really am excited for it found that series is the way to go for me after buying 4 noisy crickets.
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