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Hello to all you squonkers
Big Grin 
My name is Colin and I am from BargainVape UK. I look forward to joining in on the chat Smile .

We are due to launch on the 20th of May so stay tuned.
Also here is a link to our dedicated Squonk section which will have many more items will be added very soon.

If anyone has any thing in particular that they would like us to see us stock please just ask. 

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  • vern
We'll probably be looking for spare bottles for the dripbox by kanger. Do you know if kanger are making spares? They have a unique neck so none of the other ones I have can be used, nor have I heard of any that fit.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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  • ceedee
And lids / caps for the same bottles - I guess push-fit as there's no thread.

If the Dripbox takes off the way it should, maybe Kanger will come up with a model that uses standard 10ml juice bottles...

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