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My cnc mill
That makes perfect sense. I'll get a feel for it and then look at a faster spindle to do the 10k rpm and buy some flutes and other necessary upgrades.
accessories? :-)

I'd start off wigh cutting bits (whatever you fancy, get cheap stuff as you'll break a few in the will happen)

also one of those magnetic clamp on bases that you can affix a dial indicator onto. This helps you check that things are straight and so on. Hopefully there's metal on the 3040 for it to affix to. (wont clamp to aluminium)

here's vern's top tip: Whatever program you end up using, it'll have some toolpath simulator..use it to get an idea of how the cutting bit is going to move. Once you're happy with that, set your machine up with a fake Z-height...e.g. 2cms above where the workpiece is and run a simulation to also make sure everything will clear and you're not hitting the end-stops or bumping into clamps and so on.

top tip #2: you dont have to cut everything in one pass, and you probably will have to change a tool or so.
e.g. I cut a keyring. this involved making a hole for the ring to go through, it involved some engraving, and i had to cut it out of the metal as a rectangle.
I made 4 files for this, and did three seperate cuts using the machine, changing bits inbetween. it sounds laborious, but it helped to go get my head on straight with how to position pieces and set the home positions and so on. I also had to flip the piece around to do the other side.
I couldve made on massively intricate (to me) cad model, but I jsut broke it up into 4 seperate files that are easy to modify individually.

p.p.s I cut the hole for the ring too close to the edge. So even once youve done all sanity checks, it may still suck:-)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Offer was declined. I'll study some more auctions.
I'll get some bits ordered while I find the next one.

Edit :- they wouldn't take 475 either. Is it that ridiculous to just pay the face value?
there's a 3020 with 4th axis for £415 buy-it-now if you can handle the smaller work area. Same spindle, but check if it has ballscrews as that is a bit of a dealbreaker
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
While looking around I found this
It looks to be a better setup off the bat and only £20 dearer. 300w spindle that goes to 20000rpm.

I think I'll get it ordered after work.
i like that. nicer design than the others
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Yup. Expect pics of it in the flesh in the next twa weeks!
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Righto, so it's home and unpacked. As always not all is as it seemed. Gotta love China.

Z axis is a Nema 17 and trapezoidal screw not a 23 and ballscrew. The "spindle" or butch dremel(which is what it really is) hasn't got any INCLUDED variable speed. The paint is flaking everywhere and there is some damage to the rear of the gantry.

It all seems to work from the 20 mins I've had spare with it but haven't gotten a right chance to play with it yet. I dare say it's like all the cheap mills/lathes/3D printers. A good part selection to make a decent machine with as long as there is another cash injection available and enough sense and energy to want to make it work properly.

There are definitely better options for the same money. I certainly don't have any remorse but I'd be unlikely to buy this one again. I've messaged the buyer so I'll see if I can get some money back to try and fix some of the problems. I think a lot lies in the copy and paste listing.

The controller is a jp-3163b. This is capable of 5 axis, adding limit/emergency stop switches and an auto setting tool for the z-axis.
It'll also control a spindle through mach3 so it seems a good base for modding.
There's a good bit of info here on the controller

Definitely looking forward to getting to spend some time on this.
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