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Kangertech Dripbox
bit of a thread revival, but the replacement CLEAR bottles for the frankenskull mod at fasttech fit the dripbox:-)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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Don't know if it was already mentioned, but these are in stock. I ordered them this morning and received a tracking number within 2-3 hours. I guess they hurried to clear for the holiday.

With the 30% discount, it cost me USD 5.24 for 11 bottles, not including postage. I ordered 11 because at 12 the postage jumped slightly, and it was the same for 11 as for 10.

Grand total with postage to my country = USD 10.24 for 11 bottles.

I took Singapore Post (slightly more expensive) because I had bad experience with PostNL order from them last summer - a package was lost and PostNL denied responsibility because "it left Netherlands". Although it had Tracking No. Of course I made a Paypal claim and then I felt bad because I think HG took the loss.
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