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Fat Daddy Vapes squonking bottles
I bought some squonking bottles (and some fat daddy connectors) from

I wanted them because they are 18mm in diameter, and I have a converted Dimitri box mod that'll work real nice with the bottles being the size of the batteries.

OK, short story: bottles are an absolute waste of time. Besides being pricey for six, the supplied tubing DOES NOT fit the fatdaddy 510 connectors (dont know it if should, but it doesnt)

The bottles arent pre-drilled or anything. I've seen a diagram somewhere of the bottles being used with some piece of intermediary stainless tube, but on their own they arent worth the hassle.

The above points notwithstanding, you're looking for a nice squeezy bottle, and these arent them. They have an accordion section which is meant to be so you can push the bottle UP to squonk (somebody maybe thought some new mods would be using this system) but by my reckoning you're gonna need around 2kg's of pressure to even get the bottle to move in that direction. Essentially, all that accordion section is wasted space. The ottle tends to deform before the accordion section collapses.
Pushing the bottles in from the side is ok-verging-on-too-hard.....its acceptable for a random bottle you find in the back of the cupboard, but it is too hard for a bottle marketed as a squonk bottle.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I thought these bottles were the best of a very limited (and shit) selection as I was looking for a better bottle for my squonk flask. I drilled the nipple out to 1.8mm and used some chunky tubing inside and they are A great fit, though as you've mentioned they are ridiculously strong for a squonk bottle in comparison to the likes of the terminator 10ml bottle.
best soft bottles i have found have just been basic 10ml bottles from ebay 50 or 100 packs ,for smaller bottles ,which are a bit harder ,are the same as the reo ones ,i get them from or

these ones are smaller 7-8ml bottles
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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