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the little fake reo
ok, I'm calling it.....while this device is actually ok theres some voltage drop going on that I cant trace.

By the time I'm vaping and thinking "hmmm..the battery is a bit flat"...if I put the battery on the chargers its still around 3.7v. And I can put that same battery in my kui and vape for another 3 hours or so before thinking "hmm battery is a bit flat"

things I have done so far:
replaced negative spring with an automotive fuse. (negative spring was getting warm on sub ohm loads 0.38ohms etc..common internet device was to use a blade type automotive fuse). The fuse doesnt get warm at all. Didnt really change the volt drop

This morning I've used my voltmeter set to 20ohms range and poked about and all the values come out sane. There's no obvious place thats a high resistance, and while I know this isnt an accurate enough test as there's no load, it also shows there's no area of high-resistance.

I have an inline510 voltmeter and did back to back tests between the reoclone and my kui. My voltmeter wont work below 3.3v....the display just doesnt light up.
On the kui, on a fresh battery into 0.38 coil, I get 3.48v
on the reo, the display doesnt come on (indicating we are already less than much less I cant say.

So, we're left with
1) a shitty body? the whole negative runs through the body
2) the press fit 510 is press fitted to a shitty connection on the body? (maybe there's some paint or coating??)
3) the "copper"/brass/bronze little contact leaf affair could be too thin?
4) the positive adjustable 510 pin isnt making good contact on the threads?
5) the metals used in the positive 510 contact are horrible?

any bets? where would we look next?

I'd like to replace the 510 firing pin, as I can make another form thick copper sheet...but on topic, what is the reason for that rubber insulator on the 510 firing leaf? If I make a beefier one, that rubber insulator wont fit anymore.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
i have gave up on mine for that very reason,i am considering trying to remove the coating to see if that helps ,but think it will be quite a messy job to get it to a reasonable finish

one thing i did notice ,some of the juice seeps along the fire pin,this seems to have an effect on voltage too ,as if its giving a poor connection
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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