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New toy (to me not to vaping) - Kangxin Inoy
So as my istick 50w gave up on me and I'm new to squonk in I thought I would go for the best of both worlds (kind of), as the title suggests I've bought a pinoy, from ivapour-elixir (thanks Toby!)

My first impressions after only vaping it since I got home from work at lunchtime are;

I like it - ok I know a few people have reviewed this before, much more eloquently than I could however I thought I'd give my impressions to add to the mix.

As a device I'm really quite impressed with it, right out of the box it was good. I did have a slight issue with it not recognising that I had an atty attached however a quick turn of the centre pin and locking the nut again soon sorted that out.

The other thing that I wasn't keen on was the sharp edge on the bottom of the door and at the corners of the same. Not a deal breaker as I got my leatherman out and took the file to it - again issue sorted, it's now as smooth as the others!

The atty itself was interesting, no issues but it was interesting as I've not built on a velocity style deck before. I love the airflow, the cap is as smooth as a baby's arse (it is two cyclops style slots, the cap screws down to reduce the holes), above that it has some more (just in case you wanted to let a hurricane in), I believe these are for if you've built your coils in the high position (or maybe you're running a quad build?) either way there's plenty of airflow to be had. It comes with a wide bore drip tip and a screw-in 510 adapter (not tried the latter yet). Point to note - it comes with a standard possy pin and a spare bf pin, so you have to swap that over but it's not too much of a chore, just a very small pita imo.

Inside the device is very tidy indeed, it's rather tight in there so if you have fat fingers like me then be prepared to stick something like the small hex key in to swing the bottle out . It has a fixed possy pin and a clasp style neggy spring (I don't know the proper term

The outside has no logos (which I prefer), and looks very sleek, the buttons are lovely and clicky (I like that too), and the display is very clear. As others have pointed out by others, if you take the battery out and put a fresh one in, it returns to 60w!

Finally, temp cont - sorry but I haven't tried it as I don't have any wire!

In conclusion, apart from its little foibles (and they are little really), for the price tag, and for a 60w TC device, that's also a squonker - I'm really quite impressed!

[Image: 48802c59bd0ac5477fc7db1ba6ecd493.jpg]

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sounds like you have been sold a v1 ,the v2 doesn't have the return to 60w bug,i hadn't touched mine for a few weeks and put a new flavour in thursday night and it was straight back to the 35w i had had it previously

i actually rate this little cheap box more than the steamcrave i bought at over twice the price
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
I think you're right, although it doesn't scroll as slowly as ferns description,,,,
I looked at the steamcrave, I couldn't part with the cash with the niggles people described.

Is there any way to upgrade the firmware or is it a different chipset?

Also, did I read somewhere that in TC mode the reset doesn't happen?

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its a different chip ,it can't be upgraded as far as im aware,but the v2 i would recommend to anyone ,for £20 its an absolute bargain ,it can use ss coils too,there's a thread on here showing how to get into the settings to change it to suit ss ,don't think its possible on the v1 ,i could be wrong tho

thread here
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
It's definitely the v1, it will go into temp adjust but not into steal mode, ah well never mind, still a fracking device imo, think I will also invest in the v2

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i bought 2 and as soon as i feel the need for another ,i won't hesitate ,so far they haven't missed a beat ,no leaking ,just works as it should
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
Definitely, it also looks more expensive than it is, they really seem to have nailed it with this one, affordable squonker! Who'd have thunk?

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Incidentally, what wire should/can I use in this for having a play with TC?

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I want to file/sand my slightly sharp edged door also, but mine is the black one and I fear it'll end up looking pants.
and your screen is too clear to be a v2:-) first thing I noticed. Not the end of the world, I'm so used to picking mine up and adjusting down quickly from 60w. In temp mode it also resets to 60w, but it doesnt matter as the temp control will kick in preventing issues. So get some ni200 and give it a go.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I am running my V1 with claptons made from mixed kanthal Ni200 at 270F, but I always turn down the watts to around 30 as I find the initial peak heat at 60W gives a slight burnt taste before the heat cut off. When it is set right, both the temp and watts will vary on screen when the button is pressed.
I have also found that if you press the up and down buttons together 5 times it will shut down with a byebye message, don't think I've seen that mentioned anywhere else?
I think you're right vern, the ali will show through, unless you did it all.
I forgot about bumping it down this morning, only for a split second as it sounded angry it seemed it didn't change the wattage though is that because I'm using kanthal?
Thanks Zelig I've tried the goodbye shutdown and can confirm it works.

I'm going straight on wire co to get some ni200 then it's playtime

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