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Squonk pins and gaps
Where do people source their 510 pins for rdas? I know about the one but it tends to sit high due to the pan head Allen key. It fits my rdas but with most of mine I end up with then not fitting my mods or a horrendous gap.
On a side note has anyone ever tried filing or grinding the 510 connector on an rda to get it to sit flush? I have a stumpy that nearly sits in space it's that high and that's before I've done any bf conversion!
On my Derringer clone that I converted (solid centre pin) I drilled down through the 510 pin then ground some of the length off it as it sat high on everything. No problems with it after that.
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
fatdaddy have an rda squonk kit that includes a new centre pin which is especially long on purpose so that you fit it then grind it down to size.

Did it to my tobh...not a big deal. It ends up almost (but not quite) flush with the outside of the 510. Like leave it about 0.2-0.3mm proud. Seems to be about the standard if I average out my attys.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Cool, it's a stumpy I'm doing at the moment so I'll fire up the dremel and a stone and find down the 510 as its a good 2-3mm gap on a fdv bf510 and my terminator. The modmaker pin fits a treat now it's shortened and i might grind down some of the head on it too. got a few more centre pin style rdas on the slow boat so will have a bash at the drilling method on them.
If I remember to take photos I'll put them up once the jobs done.
Many thanks folks.

Edit :- another option would be to hacksaw one of my Kepler heat sinks into washers and screw them on to shim the gap.
So in continuation of this I found some stainless steel m2.5 18-8 vented screws on I ordered two packs(10 in each), one slotted and 8mm long and the other was 10mm long Phillips head. They came home in fortnight from Chattanooga and cost me £12. Perfect for anyone regulary converting rda's.
This is the slotted head ones link
And the Phillips heads
I'm sure there'll be hex ones too.
They are easy to file when you cut them down and fit well in my Nixon v2, stumpy clones and cascata clone so are good threads.
Edit:- pics. I used the 510 hex as a comparison.
[Image: 510%20pins.png]
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Good find Adam, I have some droppers begging to be converted!

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Your welcome, I'm well chuffed with them.
Just out of interest, does anyone know what size the regular (not mini) Velocity squonk pin/screw... is it M2.5?
It's not an m2.5 as they don't fit my clone. I'd suspect m3 but hopefully someone will know better than me.
@ad456m Thanks for trying anyway!

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