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Squonk pins and gaps
Just for the record, would any of these be also suitable? Especially these. Would TI conduct worse?
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
I would worry about the bevel on the head creating a big gap but that's my ocd, lol.

On a safety aspect could the bevel knacker an insulator causing a loose centre/positive pin?
I ordered some m3 x 8mm from Amazon and they are as good as the others. Some quick love from the file and baby makita and they fit my velocity fine so anyone wondering then they're all good after some work
These seem like a good quality ones.
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
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you guys can track down the most obscure stuff. Credit where it is due to MacVap
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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Truly a magnificent find! I did find Nuclear Grade Gaffer Tape when hunting for a box of good quality Gaffer tape. It made me wonder exactly what possible use bodge it tape had in a nuclear power station, but I decided not to think about it too hard!
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