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DNA 200 expired!
Well,not squonk related but needed a rant...
VT200 purchased from Vapegeek (excellent service) arrived the start of October, hardly used because I didn't like it (waaay too complicated & I resent my Mod being cleverer than me) & now it won't charge anymore. Thankfully after a session on the frankly awful & unnecessary escribe & lots of pics Vapegeek have agreed its NFG & its winging its way back to them...
I'm hoping to swap it for an esquare (yeah,I know I don't have a great history with Evolv products but my VT40 is one of my favourite mods) 'coz they don't have any squonkers.
So consider this a warning to any dna200 potential buyers,beware that the charge port craps out prematurely (yeah,I probably got a duff one, but its clearly a weak point )
Strange that it wouldn't charge but would still link to a laptop!!
Looks like Evolv are having a few issues with their usb ports... an rx200 has gone up in flames from what I've seen on FB.... :/
The RX200 doesn't contain the Evolv board
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
Ahh very true! After a little research, I've found out that the onboard balance chargers are abit iffy by the looks of it! Reported that the gauge wire used isnt up to the job, also that the resistors within the balance chargers are giving up after prolonged use! And I know this is off topic but its now common knowledge that the DNA200 Reuleaux has the screen/ribbon wire running UNDERNEATH the fire button, causing more problems for some.. :/
Its not lookin great.. but I'm still looking forward to getting my Reuleaux Big Grin
I'd be interested to see an RX200 board then to see their solution. Evolv use a separate small boost circuit and a quite sophisticated integrated battery management IC to do the balancing.

It's a very nice form factor Smile.
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
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Hopefully I wont encounter any of these issues with my RX200! Will always charge in a dedicated charger rather than using the device itself! Especially as I have more than enough cells to use one set while another is on charge Smile

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