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MA Spanish squonkers
Don't think I have seen Mods Artesanale mentioned anywhere here, so here goes:

Anyone fancy a 3D printed mech kit for around £45
Hook Mod Kit Here
My Spanish isn't up to much so I cant see what the shipping might cost.
They also do quite a few ready built squonkers Smile
I dont like this box. Thats just my humble opinion.
I'll try explain.
There's a €24.50 option, which is a bare box only. This would be a good buy. You can fit your own fatdaddy, keystone wires, bottles etc.

The ready made box has the battery fitted upside down, and the positive connector is some lanky bent piece of copper that the switch pushes against the fatdaddy post. Looking at the positive connector, it looks like they used the previous fatdaddy connector..because the new one has that swanky positive connection so they would have made a better plan

So my opinion if you want one is to buy the bare box, and fit your own internals. It'll be about £20 for a 3d printed abs box.
here's my problem
[Image: pletina-mod-hook.jpg]
LHS is connected to the positive fo the battery, at the bottom of the box
RHS is pushed by the button onto the side of the fatdaddy. (thats mainly the bit that I dont like).
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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I agree the internals may not be of the highest standard, but for those that think €90 for a ready built one is too much and don't have the tools to make from scratch, it would still be an option.
I couldn't see any dimensions on the page, would there be room to add a regulated board and still leave room for battery and bottle- then the €24.50 bare box would be more interesting.

Mind you if you want a box then These are probably a better bet and the same (ish) price Smile
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