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Hammond boxes and more....Banggood EU warehouse
Just spotted that banggood (no...not her...the chinese supplier) has an EU warehouse option too...

So what do we find there? Lots fo arduino stuff, push button switches, quadcopters...tons of lovely little things all delivered in a few short days via royal mail.

And Hammond boxes. 1590A, B, and C (oxford comma ftw!)

blurb says "finish is smooth" and inspecting the pictures it does seem like they have been finished..not raw castings)

from £5 to £8

[Image: SKU132809-2.JPG]

[Image: SKU132809-5.JPG]
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I've bought Hammond 'style' cases before. By mistake. They were unusable, maybe these are better but I'd be wary.

They're quite expensive for copies though. Genuine Hammonds are comparable from both digikey 1590b and mouser 1590b @$7 and £5.14 each respectively (plus VAT and postage though, they come from the US in a couple of days - just buy enough stuff to get free postage Wink) and even less in volume.

Not to say that I didn't just buy a bunch of other stuff from their EU warehouse. Mainly for my reflow/stab wood oven project Smile.
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
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well you've answered my unasked question quite well:-) I really didnt know if this qualifies as "cheap" or not..but did sit here thinking if £8 for a box was comparable to the originals
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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