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not sure if this is nationwide, but some plonker got paid to come up with this idea and now I find these "ringo" enabled parking ticket machines.

So, what is it...oh its probably asterisk and mysql...oh wait, WHAT is it? its for when you dont have coins, you can use your mobile to pay.

So what do you do...send a sms with your reg number to a premium number? No..
do you phone up a man, and speak to him? no.

You stand in the pissing rain frantically working out how their voice recognition keeps messing up your numberplate, and then, instead of using voice recognition for the credit card details, lets make them tap it into the phone.

but (rubs hands gleefully)...lets fuck with them..make it so that when they remove the phone form the ear and type in something, by the time they've put the phone back to their ear they'll have missed the first part of the next message..hehehehe

here is my anecdotal evidenceL every parking machine in the nearby vicinity that it ringo enabled ALSO has a broken coin slot. Perhaps the incentive to fix the coin slot isnt there anymore, so they dont get repaired. Perhaps $devious is doing the dirty and forcing us to use ringo.

But I'd just like to point out that I stood outside my car for 15 minutes working your system (there's numbers and notices on the ticket machine that the system requires, so you cant really do this from the comfort of your own vehicle)..and I had coinage to pay the fare the traditional way, but instead I occupied a space for 15 minutes that couldve been used more productively. Like, if you took my goddamn coins in the first place.

Now when I go parking, I need to make sure I have my mobile on me, with battery power to make a 10 minute call, and my credit card, and mobile credit to actually phone you bastards up. So much more convenient that just taking the money and sticking it in my pocket.

Hey, I love technology, especially when it makes our lives easier, and offering ringo as an ALTERNATIVE is an ok idea..not the best, but ok. But force it down my throat and I'll no longer use that space.

So me the geek is rejecting your geek idea as "not fit for purpose". You can make it so that we send a sms and then whole thing is super-slick, but then the mobile operators will want a cut, so you built your own system which can now waste my time (which you value as ZERO") so I am extending the middle finger to you.

here's a link to them so you know which logos to avoid
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
snooted around their website, seems they have an app for that.
I still wont use it. No, no and no. I dont need an app to put coins into a parking meter. If parking meters were profitable for 100 years then they can figure out why they arent profitable anymore and go fix that problem (high CEO costs, high labour costs, high housing costs..whatever).

Send a man once a week to collect coins out the machine like you have done for 100 years.

oh, and get off my lawn (coz I'm feeling like an old geezer now)

Once we are all on the system then you can put in demand driven pricing, and have flexi rates on saturdays so we cough more, and all that other bullshit. Fuck off and die.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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