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Vern's squonk log
Just wondering Vern, how often do you change your wick?
Could you try (I Know it's subjective) to tell us what lets you know it's time to re-wick?
yeah its pretty simple to figure it out when you know your equipment.
so if the mod is lethargic (takes longer to get to full coil heat), but everything else is in top shape (battery, contacts etc), then i do a full wick change and a dry burn of the coils and rinse it under some water. Of course the lethargic mod is because the coils are dirty and gummed up, so the only way to fix it is to change the wick also.(else the wick will burn when we do a dry burn)

so, by now you're understanding that I have deftly avoided answering the actual question...because I dont actually ever change just my wick. Its just coil maintenance that forces me to change it.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
(11-29-2015, 10:37 AM)vern Wrote: ...wifey got the new kangxin inoy silver box on friday, so for the time being I thought I'd use her smokeless/terminator. (with modded button)
forgot how good this thing is. Squonks so easily.
have I gone full circle? this was my first squonker.

Any Feedback from Mrs. Vern or yourself on the kingxin inoy after having and using it for a while?

I just read you are pleased with the Dripbox and are happy with the battery life.
I had seen a few concerns regarding Chip efficiency and therefore Battery life?
Is your experience, having used it regularly in daily life, that Battery life is similar to other, regulated devices?

because I dont actually ever change just my wick. Its just coil maintenance that forces me to change it.

I know what you mean! I change wicks pretty often, if I'm using a regular Dripper, as I use the same, simple single coil iGol to test flavours (just getting into mixing my own)
But sometimes I find changing my Wick (cotton) on RTAs it can take a while for it to "bed in" and give me the Vape I enjoy, other times the wick is fine really fast.
Same cotton from the same pack??? It's weird, but I guess that's part of Vaping.
yeah we both liked the inoy...i moved to the dripbox (rounder edges and slightly smaller) while she's still using her inoy. The dripbox battery life is not an issue at all, I'm totally chuffed with it. whats not chuffing is after a heck of a lot of use, my original fitted bottle developed a small crack. The second bottle in the box leaks from the neck currently investigating a cheap bottle supplier. So far found vapeplaza, but not charmed paying the delivery cost.

I think to be fair, most of these squonkers have weak points here and there, long as spares are available and we are aware of their strong and weak parts, its all good.

I got bored today and pulled out an old vaporflask squonker (dna40 clone) I had and currently using that tonight. Its ok, but comparatively, we have come a far way since this device was released.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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