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3d printer £160 in the uk
been eyeing this clearance item out and reading up about I can figure out the hotend (bit that melts the plastic) is rather poor..and an upgrade is about £ factor that into the price and you have £200 all in for a 3d printer.

to print squonk boxes of course. that why:-)


the heated bed version that gives you the option to use abs is £194

I know the reviews arent great. And there's some rather nice ones on ebay for £280 or so that can print two colours as an alternative.
I'm a handy sort of chap, so wondering if £160 as an entry price for something that will work and may break but can be fixed by your tinkerer-minded you think we can produce a usable squonk box from this? and if so....anybody that has experience with these can give me a rough estimate of time taken to print some sort of box? 1 day? 12 hours? I know they arent quick at all. And would PLA suffice, or is it abs or bust?
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I've often been tempted by 3D printers. Managed to resist so far, but if prices keep coming down I'll start running out of excuses not to buy one.
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
great price ,I'm quite tempted myself,but as usual ,her indoors is keeping an eye on my parcel deliverys

you could always do a list vern ,once you have a nice squonk design

1.charlie Wink
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Did this ever come to anything vern? I see it's still listed and have always wanted one.
I'm still humming and haaaing about it. I bought that cnc mill a few weeks ago though..

When doing my reading about this 3d printer in the OP it was a sure bet that the hotend would break, which is why it is cheap and comes with no support/warrantee. A new better funkier hotend was £40 or call it £200 all in.

Since then, I've been watching this guy who occasionally pops down to £159 also(from uk) (159 from china also firm price) a copy of a Prusa, but it does mean Prusa parts will fit or can be made to work and so on.

Given the choice, the ebay one seems the better plan, assuming you want to use filament.

Then there's this
3 times the price, but a year ago it was easily 10 times the price. And almost infinite resolution, if you can mess about with resin and whatnot.

So you can see why I havent made my mind up yet:-)

(All I wanted was to print a vent holder for my car to fit a boost gauge...and I wanted to do it myself , not send it away for printing)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I've been looking at prusa clones on gearbest too. I doubt I'll be able to really justify one but don't want to use printing services due to the time and cost of refining designs. I'd likely be printing arduino/vape enclosures and random things that I'll do in blender myself
I have a mate that bangs on about SLA as the future but I find it a bit of a faff and not as easy to finish as abs in an acetone vapour.
ABS has always seemed to me to be better than PLA and the ability to switch with relative ease is handy if needed.
I'll keep an eye on that eBay prusa as it looks like the one that fits my bill and 159 ain't much to get yer foot in the door so to speak.
the ebay reprap prusa one is down to £159 again (from £199 when I posted above)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Lol, I jus read your reply to the kanger thread, happened to check my eBay for Lego I was watching and saw the printer was on the cheap, bought it, replied to the other thread and came to share my excitement an saw you'd posted about the sale. I'll get some pics up once it's built and let you know how I get on.

Ridiculously excited now!!
I almost bought one when I saw the price go down yesterday, but for a different reason.
You get at least 3 nema17 steppers, stepper drivers, a power supply and a control board in the kit (along with all the physical metal bits). Pricing that up isnt cheap to begin with, add in the threaded rods and couplers, and you have a nice kit of parts to convert something else to CNC. So even if 3dprinting wasnt my thing, I'd still be able to repurpose most of the other bits for other projects.

Its cheap.

Are you planning on printing lego bricks?
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I was of the same mind that the hardware is easily repurposed if the whole thing is a bust.

I'll probably give printing a few bricks a shot as I've got two mindstorms sets and a crazy amount of technic in our local Lego exhibition that's currently underway and have an original biped dreadnought(think warhammer 40k) in mind for next year.

My folks would buy me and my brother all the Lego we wanted when we were kids as it taught us a lot about engineering. I blame that for a lot of my modding things and spending time in the shed now I'm older!!

Edit:-  heres half of my collection that i put into our exhibition if anyones interested.
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