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3d printer £160 in the uk
oh dammit.

look, you probably dont want to hear hits but ebay have a 20% off code valid for today

Takes 20%..and it works on this printer.
i.e. £127.20 all in.

(code works on other shit too btw)
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Son of a bitch, oh well too late now, it wasn't a bad price anyway.
Hopefully other folk can benefit from it!

I'm thinking an enclosure would be a good idea for this thing so that there's not too much deviation in the heated bed.

Must look into all the crazy filaments, I saw conductive yesterday, that could be interesting....
Printer delivered today, not sure when I'll find time to build it.
The instructions are typically rough Chinese translation. All the bits look to be there, it's pretty well packaged. I'll get it inspected properly tomorrow but definitely looks better than I expected for the money.
It's partly assembled so that might save time unless I have to strip it and reassemble it.
I'll throw up a photo when I get back to my Mac tnite or tomorrow.
Quite excited to see what I can do with it.

@vern do u know of any gotchas with this thing as u sound like u might have done more research than I have! Lol
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  • vern
eh..not really.
The name of the game is stability though. Make sure everything is stable. Be it a lathe, or a mill, or a 3d printer.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Yeah, it's probly gonna get a space in the spare room on top of a dresser or other solid price of furniture and most importantly away from the cats as they'll be right up in it ruining it.
I'll mayb loctite some of the threads too once I've found the sweet spots so vibration doesn't catch me out.
cn you tell if it has two motors in parallel (one on each side) for one of the axis'? looked like it on the photos.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I'm home in half an hour, I'll fire up a pic of the box contents and give ya an answer then

So here we are 30 mins later and the cat saw the box and was right in among.
Looks to be 4(5, including the extruder, doh!) nema in there so 2 on the Z will be right enough. The random part in the red cellophane is the LCD

[Image: IMG_1284.JPG]
[Image: IMG_1285.JPG]
[Image: IMG_1287.JPG]
[Image: IMG_1286.JPG]

No bad for the money, the extruder will need slowing down and the drivers may be a weak spot but it'll be damn fine for a 160 quid even if it needs another 100 in it to sort a few bits out i think it could be a winner.
found this thread on problems,639807,639807 so theres some help out there too if i need it
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  • cheekiecharlie
So the build was 4ish hours and fairly easy despite the instructions being a bit rough. I turned it on and the lcd came to life, then went garbled. Don't think I've wired it wrong as I checked 3 times before powering. Cura recognises it too and can control it through the bed level bit tho the axis are inverted and the down(up) won't move only the up(down). Confusing.
is there a setting anywhere in Cura for a "left handed" or "right handed" machine?
I had to learn all about this with my mill.
MIll..the bit stays in place and the axis move to bring the workpiece under the cutter.

3d printer...the bit moves to the that'll be why all the axis's are inverted..
Never used cura either, but with the arduino gcode thingy you can set your axis' inverted.
try going to (install the json serial port server) and see if you get output when issuing $$
If you do, the machine is running grbl (and the odds are good that it is)
(if you are adept, you can connect to the serial port directly using your favourite terminal program at 115200bps

the bits you are interested in is (from here)
$6 – Step port invert mask, int:binary
I forget my setting (and it wont make yours work) but go have a quick read up and see if that helps. (it determines the direction each motor moves when getting either a 1 or a -1 as an input)

re: only going in one way..troubleshoot it by swopping motor connections, drivers etc to eliminate the weirdness. If down/up is only going down/up, then when wiring it up left/right, does it only go down/up or can it then also go up/down
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Hmm, seems I have a little educational reading to be doing. I have been using Mac so far, I might move it to my server so I can use Windows as it's far better supported in general. If I knew the firmware it would likely help too.
I have some reasonable knowledge of arduino too but I suspect it's not enough. Works crazy the next few days so I'll do some digging around the stuff you've linked an see if I can get somewhere or at least know a bit more before I attack it again.
Must check repetier(and their firmware) options too as I think it's a lot more advanced than cura

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