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if you have a little diamond bit that you use in dremmel alikes or a 3mm drill bit ,stick it in the tubing and give it a few twists by hand to roughen it up a bit ,should make it a bit more grippy on the 510 pin
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I had a similar problem with my KUI tubing, every time I went to fill up, I ended up pulling off the tubing, and as most know you need to unscrew cover to get it back on properly. My solution.......a small (tiny) spot of super glue on the 510 nipple before putting on tube, problem solved, never came off again.

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thanks for the above guys...I do remember somewhere in some reo thread it was mentioned ot drop a drop of will probably look into that.

however, practice what you preach and all that, I went to work today with my cherry bomber squonker, ebay tubing and fatdaddy 510 and just let it leaks, absolutely lovely squonk (I used a bottle from darkstar eliquids...they just squeeze perfect). I'd say this squonks possibly the best I've ever had. I'll keep an eye on it to make sure nothing crops up, but so far the 3mm tubing on 3mm 510 isnt causing an issue.
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