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Shopping trolleys
I think the market is ready for a shake-up in the shopping trolley department. I think this should be a personal item you buy yourself, with collapsible sides so that it can slide into your boot. The you can get your own alloys for it, lights and hooter and whatnot. You bring it, you fill it up, you load the whole trolley into your offload the trolley at home, push it up your drive.

Because....people drive them like idiots in the shops. I just dont understand how people with driving licenses can drive to a supermarket, then take an item with 4 wheels and suddenly just reverse without looking (oooh...cauliflower is on special)....abandon the thing at the top of an aisle while wandering off to see what is the latest whiter-than-white toothpaste...park it skew so nobody can pass while chatting to Meryl from the hairdresser (yeah, I didnt need bread today so thanks for blocking the whole aisle) and then abandon the thing somewhere in a car park, conveniently against my car door, ta muchly.

I really hate the things. Nay, the people who drive them recklessly. Perhaps if they paid for it, and owned it, they would look after it more.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Its strange how little things really bug you as you get older, this topic is also one of my gripes, and I find it gets worse the higher end supermarket you go to, eg Waitrose. Take a deep breath and count to ten, then vape and relax. Also on a serious note, I park my car as far away from the store entrance as I can, there are always less cars there, and I watch people drive round and round in circles looking for a space close to the entrance, all the while I have parked up and inside the store even before they have parked.

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that drving around in circles thing also gets me...something I've never bothered with. I just find a spot and put the car there. Walking is good, I'm able-bodied, I really dont mind if I didnt save 35seconds walk on any particular day...I mean,,,do they save up the seconds then each night do a star jump and a high five with the extra time they saved in their lives? :-)

I'm noti going postal over this..just one of those things that makes you shake your head a bit and mutter silently.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

I know its an old thread, but I found this for you.
Comes from down under for about $500aus.

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Do you ever see those ambulance trolleys, whose legs fold under as they're pushed into the vehicle?

Makes you think don't it. push trolley up to vehicle and it tucks itself away in the space provided.

As a forum we could patent it, and this time next year we may have an extra pound in our pockets.
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