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Verns Man mix guide
I may get hung, drawn and quartered for this, but here is how to mix like a caveman and survive.

For reference, I have 70mg vg-based NIC.

So here is my sequence I cant even get wrong when drunk.

Two syringes...three is flavouring, one is vg, one is the nic.
and the empty recipient 30ml bottle.

I'm making 30ml's, so here is what goes through my mind.

Lets get some flavouring into the bottle 10% of 30ml's is around 3ml...yeah, sounds right.
Suck up 3ml's of flavouring into the bottle.

Right, thats cool...get your balance, put that syringe down and grab the next syringe...we're going the VG now.

Right...I already got 3ml in this bottle...and I want to get to 30ml..but need some space for nic much nic? lets see...I want to dilute my nic by about 20 times to get to 3.5mg or 3mg or thereabouts. So 3ml nic in a 30ml bottle is 10 I need about 1.5ml nic.

Right..I already got 3ml in here..and I'm gonna add 1.5ml take away 4.5ml =25.5ml of space for vg...

So second syringe, I command thee to suck up 25.5ml of VG...into the bottle you go

Still using second syringe, which was just used in the vg, give it a little wipe* and go suck up 1.5ml of nic..and into the bottle you go.

Thats 30ml.
What just happened though?
We made a 10pg/90vg 3mg nic with 10% flavouring. This is a really mellow mix for long (sec+) lung inhales if you want, produces thick vapour you can bite into, fogs up rooms if needed. but also means you can take a sneaky 1 second puff and get satisfaction. Throat hit is actually quite minimal.

I know it is a simple recipe, but using this "numberline" and talking to myself exactly like I do above it what I use as a simple mixing calculator when making single flavouring mixes. I can adjust this on the fly, and is also the method I use for when I had pg and wanted to modify the pg/vg ratio. If I was mixing two flavours I'd just edit step 1 and work out how much of each flavour I'd like. Talking to myself this way makes the maths simple

So why the two syringes? Lazy mostly. When I did pg...I would add that before the vg and before the nic. All one syringe. Cringe if you must, just dont knock it if you havent tried it. The other syringe was for flavour...but each flavour gets its own syringe. For single flavour mixes you use two syringes...for two flavours you use 3 syringes and so on. The flavour syringes I have are 2.5ml jobbies...and the vg/pg/nic syringes are 10ml jobbies. You are most welcome to use 25 syringes if you want, a roll of kitchen towel and a facemask.

*If your thick needle has some excess in it (lets say you just sucked up VG and moving on to nic) then remove the syringe from the burns needle thing, suck up a bunch of air, put syringe back onto burns needle and push the air through it back into the bottle to clear the excess..then move to the next bottle.

*I also give the finished 30ml bottle a little upside down session for about 10 seconds, then take the lid off and put it in the microwave for 7 seconds. Dont fuck this bit up. 7 seconds. Not 8. Not 9. Your bottle will probably melt at 9 seconds.
It'll come out warm, but not hot. The vg is much thinner now and you can shake the bottle for about 1 minute and it'll be ready to vape. The vg thickens again once cooled.
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I do pretty much the same, but I do the nic and flavour while the wife struggles to get 80ml + out of the vg bottle, I mix 100ml at a time as I only use 2 of my favourite flavours now.

You don't stop playing when you get too old, you get too old when you stop playing.

The first 40 years of my childhood were the hardest
vg actually pours pretty easily. If I was you, try sticking your nic and flavour in, then pour the vg into the 100ml bottle...all you do is as you get near the end just tip the bottle less and it slows down predictably. (assuming you are making a 100ml bottle..or did I get the wrong end of the stick?)

I often decant the vg from 1litre to 250ml bottles and just pour the stuff in.
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Yes I'm using 100ml bottles but the problem is they have a very small opening at the top, ready to put the needle top into, the hole is too small to pour anything into, I put the nic and flavour in and the wife just tops up with vg, but has to use syringe to get it into the 100ml bottle

You don't stop playing when you get too old, you get too old when you stop playing.

The first 40 years of my childhood were the hardest
ah thats howcome.....makes sense now....btw, dont try a funnel. vg is too gloopy and doesnt like going down funnels..and doesnt like letting the air out the bottle either.
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yup I learnt the funnel thing the hard way, just need to take the time to syringe it in

You don't stop playing when you get too old, you get too old when you stop playing.

The first 40 years of my childhood were the hardest
I pretty much do the same ,I find it quite amusing now when I see people trying to get an exact amount of drops or weight for a mix ,

an extra drop of one ,a drop less of another does absolutely nothing to a mix ,no one could be able to tell the difference ,inless you only make a 1-2ml sample ,I never make anything less than a 10 ml sample when trying new mixes,once I have a mix I'm happy with ,I make either 100ml ,or 250ml
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if i cocked up and after all my maths the bottle looks like it is half a ml short, then in goes the premixed ethyl maltol. Why not hey:-)
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Cave woman method:

Get big bottle.

Eyeball approx 1/4 72mg/ml nic. Eyeball approx same again VG. Double it up with PG.

Get smaller bottles.

Clumsily pour nic mix into bottles or, if feeling energetic, use a syringe.

Add flavour until it smells right.

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I like JoBo's method too.
bonus marks if you just rinse the bottle out with some warm water and then swing it about a bit until you believe that's too much effort and fuck it, its almost dry.
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