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squonking or tanks
Is it me or do other people find that different flavours work differently in tanks to rda's? I had some favourite flavours when I used to use tanks, but now I'm squonking 100% of the time, I use different flavours to the ones I did in tanks.

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I havent paid much attention to this aspect, but I can say after e.g. 5 days, my squonking wicks are almost in brand new condition, whereas tanks wouldve been gummed up after 2 or 3 days.
I'd say yes....there has to be a difference, as some flavours would handle the degradation better (menthols, spearmint, peppermint) as we are more sensitive to them.
Anything subtle seems to be enhanced when squonking
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110% a yes from me, I find different atties produce flavour totally differently, my ADV is french vanilla (capella) & it's superb in most RTA's, put it on a dripper & it pales in comparison which is a huge shame, yet it comes through well in an RDTA which I found odd considering.

I have found most custard & vanilla flavors come through best on tanks, whereas fruit flavors seem at their best on a mesh fed genny, though drippers really come into their own with tobacco & coffee vapes.

same thing with wick material some medias are better than others for certain flovours, but cotton is a good all rounder.
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definitely, i used to use certain tanks for certain juices , even when squonking ,i have certain attys for certain juices, its all to do with chamber size ,air flow ,build and a whole host of other things
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