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Small tweaks - closing threads
I saw some of you kind members had renamed your "wanted" threads to "completed"..and I was touched by this gesture.

So I made some threads prefixes...for sale, wanted, and closed. You'll be able to pick from these three when posting in the relevant sub-forum. It'll be appreciated if you could set the thread prefix to "completed"/"closed" once everything has been settled.

Once you have completed your sale/trade/wanted, just use the below to complete the thread (which will close it and move it to the archived section)

just add the text "close me mario" to a new post in the thread and it will get closed and moved to the archived threads. Only the thread starter/parent poster can use this super-power

I'm testing it now, feedback if this is not to our liking would be appreciated.
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btw, Mario is our little squonking hoover-bot who we are going to be calling on to do some housekeeping when needed. He doesnt bite.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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