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squonking and leaks
With squonking, you may have eliquid leaks at times, as we rely on tubing and mostly press-fit connections.
While this may not be tragic, the counterside to this is every eliquid leak in our tubing is also an air leak. And air leaks arent nice.
It means when we push the bottle, some of our force is being spent on pushing out air or liquid that doesnt reach our rda.

it also means when the bottle returns to shape, it doesnt correctly suck up all the excess liquid in our rda.

Air leaks can occur
1) at the bottle's cap. Some bottles have an oring on the threading, but always check this area
2) where the tube enters the bottle. This should be tight. If you created your own hole in the bottle, consider a small sized drill bit, or a larger diameter tubing to compensate.
3) where the tube connects to the 510. Again, this should be tight. Sometimes you can add a drop or two of superglue on the connector, allow it to dry FULLY and then push your tubing on. The superglue works to increase the diameter of the connector, making the tubing press fit tighter
4) between the rda and the 510. The eliquid generally chooses the path of least resistance, so while this area may be "wet" when removing the rda for maintenance, you should not be getting eliquid dribbling out of this area. If you do, investigate why and take remedial action. If  there is no clear reason, you can fit the oring from a drip tip around the rda 510 connector, and use the adjustability built into the 510 and/or rda to ensure you still have an electrical connection.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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