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History of Squonking - Work in progress
Chatting to the wife and we both got interested in where squonking started...who was the person who had the idea of the bottle on the bottom? squeeze through the 510...? I thought this would make a nice thread of collective knowledge that we can all add our bit to, and then at a later stage it can all be summarised into a wee article.

So, the furthest back I can trace squonking/squoning devices is to Robert E. O'Neill..and that was around 2010 from threads on ECF.
Is this his brainchild? was there earlier reports of bottle mashing?

I know of the vmod/ xl also around that time..2012 or so. Any other commercial squonkers? If you have some info, please post it here.

Also, we know what the word squonking represents (the noise the bottle can make) but who coined it? whats the earliest reference to the term "squonk" or "squonking" on the internet?
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
ok, I think I found the first use of the term "squonk" in relation to bottom feeding here
by Jack Murray while talking about the reo opening sale
quote: "Hey, don't sweat it! It's kind of hard to wrap your head around at first until you see it. The link between the juice bottle and the atty has a great seal and it just squonks the juice right up in there everytime you give it a squeeze. It's brilliant. No wires, nothing to screw up - it's exactly the kind of thing that I like to have, whether it's chef's knives or mods. =D "
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
vmod is the first one I remember ,was worried about buying it from usa at the time just incase it was shit ,would have worked out quite expensive once shipping and customs were added

can't think of any earlier mod ,maybe the humble 510/306 atty ? they are the first bottom fed attys i'd think
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
Love the idea behind this. I really don't know who coined squonk first or who invented the squonker, I'd ask Robert of reo to see if he can shed some light on this topic.
I'll try get hold of him to do an email interview for our site.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Hey all, Alexander Mundy from ECF here. 

Jack Murry was indeed the first to use the term squonk as we use it.

The first true bottom feeder (there were a few earlier ones with the tube run external and into the side or top of the atty so no drain back) was the Juicebox built by Carlos49.

Rob ordered one but like many waited and waited. He built some himself and refined the idea and ended up making the idea a commercial sucess.

I am fairly certain the mod to the left of the multimeter in this photo is that first one Rob made:

[Image: IM002647.jpg]

Quote from Rob posted Mar 22 2010 on ECF before he opened up Reos Mods:

"Willy i did copy the juice box mod from carlos49.I wasnt saying that i came up with the idea.I just wanted one so i built one.I have no intentions of selling it Or any of these mods for that matter.I just wanted one so i built one."

Mar 14 2013:

"I built and sold the first botton fed mods that use standard atomizers . There was a mod that was bottom fed it had a built in atomizer called the carlos juice box .This was the first it didn't last long you had to send it back to have a new coil and wick installed . I dont no how many were sold if I had to guess no more then 250 . The mod was made with a radio shack plastic box . The guy couldn't fill the orders had a army of angry customers it was bad . I actually pre ordered one I never did get the mod . Pre orders lol maybe this is why I never do pre orders . I hated dripping so much I started making my own"
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invaluable info Alexander Mundy, thank you!
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Funny enough , I ve been researching this very topic for a thread on another forum . Alex Mundy is correct to highlight Carlos 49 and has indeed got a photo of the very first Reo . If you look about there are other 'proper' modders selling round the same time .

However the squonk is older again . Carlos himself mentions the bottom feeder wasn't his idea . I ve actually tracked bottom feeding discussions to mid2009ish so far . I ve begun to suspect that it was more a serendipity thing anyway . Auto batteries were very much the norm at the time so the first modders couldn't get sealed connectors . The 801 leaked like a bastard . Little bottles could fit nicely into battery boxes . It just happened .

You have to consider sidedrippers and reservoir systems as well in my opinion . You can't consider the squonk in isolation

I suspect the eureka moment might be on the modding boards of VapersForum ...well that's where I m looking next Big Grin Maybe as early as 2008 ?
well if you do find a thread showing squonking lineage we would love to add it to this work-in-progress.
Once there is a definitive timeline we can post that up for all and sundry. Thank you in advance for any work you manage to put into this project
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Hey guys, I just wanted to toss a few other squonkers into the conversation here. No arguments here from Carlos and Rob getting the ball rolling, but there were some other early adapters too.

In 2010, a mod called the Wet Box came out. The original was made by a company called "VaperFlow", but these were cheaply made and kind of like the old dual coil tanks, where a bunch of different sources seemed to all make one. This one was designed for cartomizers, using a needle to feel liquid up into the carto. It used a 14500 battery and I believe originally used 808 cartos, but was available for 510 cartos.

A similar squonker called the Old Goat Box Mod came out in 2011, but it offered an 18650 battery making it much better battery life. I believe there was also a dual 14250 version for series squonking.

Also in 2011, the MonkeyBoxx came out with eventually offered variable voltage vaping into the squonking world. Of course, the Reo also offered this option, and I'm not sure who was first to the punch, as both were forum based solutions it shouldn't be too hard to track that fact down.

Around the same time, Red Sky Mods came out with the Scallywag which was an 18650 unregulated wooden squonker, and the Buccaneer, which was a dual 18350 variable voltage squonker.

All of these guys and companies were real pioneers in the squonking field. The real problem at the time was the lack of rebuildable squonking atomizers. The A7 from Sailing was one of the first budget rebuildable squonking atomizers. Outside of that, you had to cough up big bucks for an eBarron from Leo or a Cyclone from Vicious Ant in order to get into the rebuildable squonking game. Rob over at ReosMods also offered a little retrofitted atomizer called the "RM2" which a lot of folks swore by, but I hated. There was a guy on ECF that went by "Catfish" who made a small fortune retrofitting drippers for squonking.

Anyhow, sorry to dig up an old thread but I found it on google and was enjoying reading it so I decided to toss in my two cents.

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