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A very warm welcome to SquonKING UK

Best regards,

P.S. I'm just the forum bot, here to welcome you in case all the members are vaped out and enjoying themselves squonking right now. As we have already opened a thread for you, why not take the time to introduce yourself and post some info of your current squonking setup (or in case you're just looking, let us know what you desire).

Important: you've been sent an activation email to click on before your account is fully set-up. If you cant find this email, please double check your spam box as its possible it is sitting there waiting for you.
Hi everyone. Looking forward to joining your community ;-)
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  • vern
post some pics...would love to see what you make/sell
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Hi! We are a brand new website exclusively for squonk gear! We import mods directly from mod makers across the world, such as 6IXTY 7EVEN, Custom Creations and Rage Modz as well as a few household names like Vandy Vape, Rig Mod and others.

We are really new and some of the stock is still on order but new and exciting products are arriving daily and everything is available for pre-order with expected delivery times shown on each product. Please check out the site at squonkmods dot co dot uk for the latest availability. We are doing everything we can to become squonk fam and every Facebook like or share means the world to us so please give our Facebook page a like for the latest products!

Thanks guys, we are not here to spam your pages with products but i am genuinely excited to be a part of your community!

All the best

Tom C
not sure if vern has maybe pm'd you, but feel free to ask one of us to set up a little section for you , any squonk vendor is velcome , all we ask is keep it to squonk only

personally, i think its great that there are people like yourself, making it easy for squonkers to find things, when i started squonking, getting gear was a nightmare, having to browse foreign websites and pay over the odds for shipping
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
Hi, yes that sounds amazing. Getting limited run squonk gear can still be pretty tricky, lots of secret Facebook groups and what not.

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