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What is squonking?
Squonking is a form of vaping that alters the eliquid delivery mechanism.
Instead of a tank relying on vacuum to slowly replenish the wicking material, and instead of dripping eliquid into the top of a dripper, we have a third method.

The eliquid can enter the rda from the bottom! This is NOT a new discovery, but it is fair to say it is gaining momentum currently amongst users as we are rediscovering the benefits, and the modern crop of 22mm dripping atomisers can be used instead of the older cartomizer method.

Sometimes called bottom-feeding, or bf, or squonk, or squonking:-) Use whichever is most comfortable:-)

1) you can walk around wtih 10ml+ of eliquid ready-to-use
2) everytime you "squonk" the bottle, the exact, precise amount of eliquid is delivered to the wicks. Fresh eliquid.
3) it is possible to go 2 or even 3 days without worrying about juice, batteries, coils, wicks
4) your wicks stay much much cleaner
5) changing the wicks is a super simple procedure, the same as you would follow for a dripping atomiser.
6) no over-dripping, no under-dripping..its like dripping, but better, as no eliquid hangs around in a hot chamber getting repeatedly heated before vapourising.

How to squonk:
1) Push your bottle gently, there is no reason to be he-man, and watch the eliquid rise into the rda
2) release the bottle, and the bottle will return to shape, but the vacuum caused by this process ends up sucking the excess eiliquid in the rda BACK into the bottle! All that is left in the rda is your nicely wet wicks and a small excess.
3) sit back and vape for a few minutes, once you feel the flavour diminishing, just gently squonk the bottle again.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
I noticed on ft that there is a video you made on the unboxing of the terminator box. Each time I try to play the video it comes up as "private" video and I cant seem to watch it, is this video available anywhere? 

You don't stop playing when you get too old, you get too old when you stop playing.

The first 40 years of my childhood were the hardest
yeah...sorry about that:-) I've started a new job recently where there are children involved so I was being a bit proactive and set my videos to private till I can find out if it is "ok" for me to do videos on vapegear
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin


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