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Focalecig closing
So have closed their doors I see, the site is still up but no orders are being taken after 23 April. I'd quote it but I dismissed the box and now can't get it to appear.

Are the vaping law changes around the world going to hit our Chinese cloner friends badly do you think? Or just going to be a transition until everything settles again?
Focalecig was a problem with Paypal - they rebranded as some time ago. Focalecig is closing but hotecig continues. Focalecig/hotecig went down hill after Doris left. She is now allegedly running
I've gotten the complete wrong end of the stick then, sounds like quite a bit of drama. Cheers Moto!
not really allegedly.,..she posts about it on facebook all the time (I followed her as focalecig, then she went rogue with shenray for about a month and then started 2fdeal)

focalecig was/is part of wallbuys, and I think Doris was perhaps the only department (if that makes sense), so if they couldnt replace her, then they couldnt get new stock lines etc. Just speculation,
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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